All prices listed are minimum prices, subject to change and may vary across locations in line with local prices and individualised requirements.

Anti wrinkle treatments

1 Area £150
2 Area £170
3 Area £200
Each additional area including:
Chemical Brow Lift, Bunny Llines, Gummy Smile, Downturned Smile,  Dimpled Chin £50
Nefertiti Lift £200
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) £350
Masseter £175

Hyaluronic acid/Amino acid treatments

Face, hands, neck or body £125
Sunekos 1 Treatment £125
Sunekos 4 Treatments £450

Dermal fillers

Lip enhancement £250
Perioral Sculpting/subtle Lines – Including Smokers/bar code Lines £250
Deeper lines (Nasolabial) £250
Marionette lines Price £400
Cheek Augmentation £295
Hands £350

Other Treatments

Chemical peels
(prices vary depending on type of peel and skin prep)
Basic Dermaplane
(Cleanse, tone, dermaplane, moisture)
Deluxe Dermaplane
(cleanse, tone,dermaplane,lymphatic massage, glow mask, moisturise)
Million Dollar facial
(double cleanse, tone, dermaplane, lymphatic massage, microneedle, Hyaluronic mask, serum)
Derma roller/micro needling £100
Rejuvenation hair growth treatment
1 Treatment £125
6 Treatments £600

Thread vein treatments

Facial veins (short wave diathermy)
per session £80
Leg veins (microsclerotherapy)
First treatment £250
Further treatments £200