Hyaluronic Acid / Amino Acid Treatments

What is Hyaluronic Acid / Amino Acid Treatments

Sunekos™ is a new injectable treatment containing a patented formula of amino acids and hylaronic acids stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin to produce a mix of collagen and elastin.

It restores the biological functions of the dermis to regain the naturally youthful look of the skin. Helping with skin ageing, skin damage, dryness and loss of tone. It can help with acne scaring, dark circles and fine lines.

Results last about 6 months, when the treatment regime needs to be repeated.

Prices From £125

Is it safe?

Sunekos is a very safe treatment which can be used on a variety of areas including face, neck,docellete,hands, arms,inner thighs, knees and under eyes. It is an extremely versatile product.

Sunekos 200 consists of 4 treatments delivered at 7-10 day intervals. The effects of the treatment can be seen immediately and continues working. The benefits should last 6 months and then a top up dose can be administered.

It also comes in a more potent formula sunekos 1200 which can be delivered via cannula into the chosen area.

Does it hurt?

The treatment involves a number of tiny injection to the area being treated. It is a relatively painless procedure, a local anaesthetic can be applied beforehand if required.

Post treatment advice

There may be a small amount of bruising at injection sites, however this depends on the individual. It is advised not to be taking medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen as this may cause more bruising.

Following treatment you may see some small bumps on the skin where the product has been injected but these normally disappear in 2 – 24 hours.